We are proud to offer a 15% discount for all SuperGold card holders at all Coriander’s restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you’re part of a group or by yourself, you’ll get 15% off your food if you’re a SuperGold card holder.

What’s a SuperGold card?
The SuperGold, which lots of people call the ‘gold card’, gives over-65s golden opportunities to make savings on all sorts of things including food, healthcare, entertainment, public transport, and of course Coriander’s meals.

How do I get one?
Easy. The Government’s Ministry of Social Development sends you one once your superannuation or veteran’s pension is approved. People who don’t get superannuation can also get a SuperGold card. You must be over 65 years old and be a New Zealand Resident – you can apply at the SuperGold website.

How do I use it to get special Coriander’s prices?
Easy, just show your card when you pay your bill and we’ll give 15% off the food ordered by anyone in your party with a SuperGold card. There’s also a SuperGold smartphone app which is super handy for if you don’t want to cart a card around when you’re dining out.

Call your local Coriander’s restaurant or book online and get great savings now.