Last week Coriander’s launched its special new vegan menu. This is a specially-designed menu with no compromise on flavour or quality.
These dishes aren’t just vegetarian curries with a couple of ingredients swapped out. Each one is designed from scratch with wholesome, flavourful and satisfying vegan ingredients.

The main feature of these dishes is an innovative protein element made using large pieces of soy that have an incredible texture and taste amazing. These firm soy pieces soak up marinades and cook perfectly in Coriander’s curries. And yes, they do taste “just like chicken”.

One problem vegan diners often run into at Indian restaurants is that many curries are cooked with ghee, a dairy product. Rest assured that all Coriander’s vegan curries are cooked separately from the vegetarian and meat curries, and are made with vegetable oils and plant products only.

And remember: many of our vegetarian dishes are also available as vegan – just be sure to mention to the duty manager that you require a vegan meal.

Here’s a look at what’s on the new vegan menu:

VEGAN JALFREZEE Large, firm soy pieces cooked with herbs and spices, coconut milk and capsicum.

VEGAN DO PYAZA Large, firm soy pieces cooked with fancy onions and tomato along with ginger, garlic, spices and fresh coriander.

VEGAN VINDALOO Diced soy pieces cooked with freshly ground spices, vinegar, capsicum and herbs. An all-time favourite hot dish.

VEGAN ACHARI Large marinated soy pieces, prepared in the pan with ginger, garlic, onion seeds, Indian pickle and spices.

VEGAN BHUNA MASALA A dry dish of diced soy pieces, stir fried with onion, ginger, garlic, herbs and spices, capsicum, fresh coriander and curry masala.

VEGAN SAAG Tender soy pieces cooked in a spinach gravy with fresh tomatoes, herbs, spices and fresh coriander.

VEGAN MADRAS Tender soy pieces cooked in a fresh tomato gravy, fenugreek powder, ginger, garlic, herbs, spices and fresh coriander.

coriander's vegan menu