Consider Coriander’s to be your Indian mother. Every day, we’re cooking up traditional Indian curries and other meals with healthy and tasty ingredients to keep you satisfied (because no Indian mother is happy while you’re hungry). We’re your Indian home away from home.

Home cooking is a long and proud tradition in India, and every family has its own curry recipes, or variations on recipes you might think you know well. It’s a multigenerational developmental process that results in incredibly tasty meals and means you’ll rarely taste the exact same curry in two different places.

Each home-cooked meal in India is made with the vegetables grains, spices and possibly meats available in the local area, and influenced by the preferences of the person who makes it. Home cooks swap recipes, pass them on, and teach others when they cook collectively for groups and community events.

Home cooking is often eaten with hands. At Coriander’s we provide utensils, but you’re more than welcome to grab a bit of naan and scoop up some curry the old-fashioned way!

The head chefs who design our menus draw on the influences of their family traditions, the food they grew up with, the recipes passed down from their grandparents, and the variations from the experiences of other top Indian chefs they have worked and trained with (and, by extension, the traditions of those chefs’ families).

As a result, at Coriander’s you’ll find a curated menu of delicious curries that have been perfected over generations. Our chefs cook them every day with all the love (and amazing flavour) that they deserve. Coriander’s is your home away from home, so come in and enjoy a comforting, traditional Indian meal.

corianders traditional indian curries