That’s right, Coriander’s makes vegan meals as well as our vegetarian menu items.

Just ask our friendly team or duty manager and we’ll make sure your vegan meal is cooked with clean equipment. Coriander’s expert chefs make all our meals with love, so you can look forward to your vegan meal being made with Coriander’s signature quality and flavours.

The following meals can be made vegan on request:

Mushroom Do Payaza Mushrooms cooked with chunks of onion and tomato along with ginger, garlic, spices and fresh coriander.

Aloo Gobi Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with cumin seeds, turmeric, coriander and spices.

Aloo Jerra Diced potatoes cooked with cumin seeds and spices.

Mixed Vegetables Vegetables cooked with a rich blend of spices and green herbs.

Daal Makhni Black lentils and kidney beans cooked over low heat with special herbs and spices.

Tarka Daal Specially-prepared lentil tempered with cumin seeds and garlic. Full of flavour and nutrition.

Mushroom Masala Mushrooms and green peas cooked in a vegetable gravy with garlic.

Baigan Bharta Eggplant roasted in the tandoor, then mashed and cooked with garlic, ginger and seasoned with herbs and spices.

Vegetable Jalfrezee Vegetables cooked with herbs and spices, coconut milk and capsicum.

coriander's vegan menu