Blame Heston Blumental if you like. The chef who gave the world bacon-and-egg ice cream kicked off a movement to zhoosh up any number of traditional dishes.

Even Indian cooking, one of the oldest of cuisines, has not been immune, with some chefs and restaurateurs believing experimentation and innovation is necessary to keep in step with changing times. For example, Gaurav Mathur, executive chef at Welcomhotel Dwarka, New Delhi, has recreated traditional makki roti as biscotti, and sarson ka saag as a mousse.

Others aren’t so keen, arguing instead that such “gimmicks” will weaken tradition as people adopt them and then forget the original.

Here at Coriander’s, we believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Our takeaway-friendly Frankie roll is an example of innovation that helps customers who have to eat on the go. As a rule, though, our chefs follow the traditions they were trained in and which go back centuries.

For us, authenticity is paramount. We pride ourselves on serving authentic ethnic Indian cuisine designed by experienced Indian chefs inspired by the cuisine of northern India.

Coriander’s has been operating in Christchurch since 2006 and has become known as Canterbury’s top Indian dining experience. Come visit us at one of our five restaurants and savour the fresh flavours of Indian tradition.