The numbers are in, and we’ve got our most popular dishes of 2021, ranked. Our wide range of vegetarian options proved very popular, and the comforting classics like our chicken curries were definitely a trend last year. So where does your fave fall on the top 21?

21. Vegan Mushroom Masala
This creamy plant-based dish is made with mushrooms and green peas in a vegetable gravy with garlic.

20. Chocolate Naan
Our traditional naan bread, stuffed with chocolate flakes and baked fresh and hot in the tandoor for an indulgent sweet treat.

19. Lamb Vindaloo
Always a favourite for diners who like it hot, this fiery red curry combines diced chunks of lamb with capsicum, freshly ground spices and herbs.

18. Chicken Biryani
Aromatic spiced rice and generous amounts of chicken sautéed in garlic and ginger with our famous flavourful gravy.

17. Daal Makhni
This saucy vegetarian dish is made from black lentils and kidney beans cooked over low heat with herbs, spices and cream. Perfect for soaking up with naan.

16. Palak Paneer
Beautifully cooked into a gravy with a mixture of spices, the green curry is offset by the soft hunks of paneer.

15. Lamb Rogan Josh
We think this beautiful spiced curry with its cinnamon, cardamom and garam masala flavours is perfect with premium New Zealand lamb.

14. Chicken Saag
This mean green dish is made with tender pieces of chicken cooked in a spinach gravy with fresh tomatoes, herbs and spices, then finished with cream.

13. Chicken Posht
A rich and beautiful Bengali dish, with tender cubes of chicken in a vegetable gravy with garlic, ginger, tomatoes and poppy seeds.

12. Tandoori Roti
A traditional bread made with wholemeal flour and cooked fresh in the tandoor.

11. Crispy Chicken
A menu item originally suggested by a customer, our take on this classic has become a fast favourite, fried in our secret batter and served with a mouthwatering creamy sauce.

10. Garlic and Cheese Naan
We think our fresh baked naan with grated mozzarella, crushed garlic and parsley is an absolute winner – we’re glad our diners agree!

9. Vegetable Samosas
Fried pastry. Delicious spiced vegetable filling. You can’t go wrong with a samosa – it’s the pie of India!

8. Bombay Chicken
A must-try dish from Mumbai, the cultural hub of India and home of Bollywood.

7. Onion Bhaji
This classic, crispy entrée is made by deep-frying onion fritters in fresh herb and chickpea batter.

6. Vegan Butter Chicken
This delicious plant-based version of butter chicken uses chunky soy pieces for that satisfying texture, and cashew gravy for creaminess.

5. Chicken Tikka Masala
It’s a classic for a reason. Delicious, flavourful, not too hot ‘n’ spicy. Mouth-watering chicken pieces simmered in a delightful aromatic masala.

4. Mango Chicken
A sweet and mild crowdpleaser: chicken cooked in an aromatic mango sauce and tempered with cream, herbs and spices.

3. Plain and Garlic Naans
No need for utensils when you’ve got these fresh Indian breads to eat with – no curry is complete without one.

2. Chicken Korma
“Korma” means “braised” in the Urdu language. We braise chunks of chicken in the tandoor, then simmer them in a creamy sauce with herbs and spices.

1. Butter Chicken
Did you guess it? Butter Chicken is our all-time most popular dish. Some people will tell you butter chicken is not an authentic Indian dish but that is absolutely not true. It was invented in Delhi, India, and originally called murg makhani. Thanks to its flavoursome, rich and mildly-spiced gravy it has become a hit all round the world.