Coriander’s chefs have mastered the recipe for the perfect Vegan Butter ‘Chicken’ curry. Butter chicken is our most popular dish, and we’re happy to be adding a plant-based version to our growing vegan menu. We launched this new dish at all Coriander’s restaurants on Monday June 21.

Coriander’s is dedicated to offering a wide range of foods for different dietary needs, without ever compromising on flavour or quality. Coriander’s Head Chef Pankaj Kumar developed this recipe himself, based on traditional Indian cooking techniques and ingredients.

Our Vegan Butter Chicken is made with chunky soy pieces that taste amazing and add great texture to the curry, and it’s flavoured with fresh capsicum juice, soy milk, cashew gravy and tomato. Like all Coriander’s curries, the Vegan Butter Chicken is made with fresh herbs, spices and produce. You’ll find it to be an authentic and delicious experience for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike.

The origin of butter chicken

Some people will tell you butter chicken is not an authentic Indian dish but that is absolutely not true. It was invented in Delhi, India, and originally called murg makhani. Thanks to its flavoursome, rich and mildly-spiced gravy it has become a hit all round the world, and now Coriander’s is proud to be serving a plant-based version of this excellent and popular curry in all four of our Christchurch restaurants.