We love our communities here at Coriander’s. We’re lucky to have restaurants in some of Christchurch’s warmest, friendliest neighbourhoods, and we love to get involved in the local scene; partnering with local businesses, putting on public events, and supporting the community.

With Coriander’s fundraising, we partner with organisations such as early childhood education centres, schools, and sports clubs to help them achieve their fundraising goals. Enjoying and sharing food together is a wonderful way to connect with the people around us, and if it supports a great cause, even better. Schools and clubs including Cashmere Primary, Kaiapoi Golf Club, Rolleston School, Cashmere Technical FC, Clearview School and Burnham Nursery & Preschool have raised funds through Coriander’s.

Here’s how it works: we create a special code for online orders, which you then promote and share among your school, club or parent community.

If you’re interested in fundraising through Coriander’s, contact Business Development Manager Stacey to find out more.